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Welcome to Access Control and Time Attendance website by Time Access Solutions.

Specialists in Facial Recognition Systems, Fingerprint Readers, Clocking Systems and Much more Related Products

Thank you for visiting our website, We are based in Gauteng, Johannesburg. We distribute, Sell, Repair and Install Access Control Systems such as Fingerprint Readers, Facial Recognition Systems, Clocking Machines, CCTV Cameras, Gate Motors, Turnstiles and many other products shown on our website. Please feel free to peruse through our Access control and Time Attendance Products for your resiodential or business Area.

Our Special Offer

K30 Fingerprint Biometric Time Attendance Solution

The K30 is a 2.8-inch TFT screen Time Attendance Terminal. TCP/IP and USB host make data management extremely easy. Most importantly, the build-in backup battery can eliminate the trouble of power failure. With Elegant appearance and reliable quality; you can get a best from it.

3000 Fingerprint Storage. 80000 Transaction Storage. 3" Touch Keypad. Scratch Proof Optical Sensor. Standalone USB Download. Easy Employee Registration and Removal. Reports Time Cards, Payroll, Absentees and On/Off Premises. 60 Minute Telephonic Support or 60 Minute Installation Voucher Within 50km From Store. Includes: Vision Attendance Software.

Universal Time Attendance Software

Time and Attendance Software

K30 Biometric Fingerprint Reader

Time and Attendance, Fingerprint Reader

Time Attendance
Time and Attendance
Multi Bio 600 Facial Recognition
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X7 Fingerprint Reader
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MA300 Fingerprint Reader
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Fingerprint Readers

Access Control

Fingerprint scanners are security systems of biometrics. They are now used in police stations, security industries and most recently, on smartphones. Everyone has marks on their fingers. Our fingerprint reader solution comes with the following products: F6 fingerprint reader, F7 Fingerprint reader, F707 fingerprint reader, F708 fingerprint reader, F16 fingerprint reader, F17 fingerprint reader, F18 fingerprint reader, MA500 fingerprint reader, X7 fingerprint reader and K30 fingerprint reader product.


Time and Attendance

Based in South Africa, Randburg, We specialise in various clocking (time recording) and access control systems, along with supporting software that enables employers to monitor time abuses in areas that are often overlooked (for example restroom breaks and smoke breaks), and to accurately calculate employees' payroll. Our Job Costing products we offer are Mindman SP-600 job coster and Amano Pix-200 job coster

Clocking Machines

Time and Attendance

Time Access Systems offers clocking machines for all your access control requirements. We are the leading supplier of Biometric Time Attendance & Access Control Products (fingerprint reader & handscanning device are used for access control and time and attendance). Handscan systems and fingerprint reader have become a major product in time management. There are no licence fees for our time and attendance software and this is included (no charge) with all computerised time management systems.

Universal Time And Attendance Software