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Facial Recognition System (Access Control)

Facial Recognition (Access Control)

TAS Offers Facial Recognition Access Control and Time and Attendance Solutions for Higher Security

Time Access Solutions, based in Johannesburg, South Africa. We are a an Access Control and Time Attendance Company that distributes and deals in specialized security access control systems and software solutions, including biometric verification applications, such as facial recognition security systems and time attendance systems. The biometric facial recognition devices designed and developed by ZKteco are powered by advanced software and are comprised of special sensors and infrared cameras for effective, smart and secure access control in buildings and corporations that demand higher security to prevent theft, bigotry or unauthorized access.

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KF460 Facial Recognition Reader

Facial Recognition Systems

KF460 Facial Recognition

Facial Recognition Systems

KF460 is an innovative terminal for management employee attendance and basic access control functions. User verification is performed using face recognition (standard) or ID cards (optional). The verification process takes less than 1 second.

The user-friendly UI provides customers with a quick and easy experience. Datatransfer can be done through your TCP/IP or USB to transfer data manually interface.

MultiBio 600 Multi-Biometric

Facial Recognition Systems

MultiBio-600 Fingerprint & Facial recognition

Facial Recognition Systems

The MultiBio 600 is a Time & Attendance terminal with basic access control functions for the SME market. This device features our advanced fingerprint and facial recognition algorithms which ensures high verication speeds. The MB600 does have Wi built-in as well as normal TCP/IP connection and USB download available for exible communication solutions that can be used in different installation environments.